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Ah, it is so nice to see the spirit of friendship, help and mutual respect that is just filling the air around here...

On a more serious note, congratulations to "Friendly fire" on 20%. Also, we didn`t even get to 50%. 57% was our best try (ironically, it was the very 1st try as well). So far as buffs go, we were curious and pleasantly surprised when we saw that the boss was at 10-stack already (no need for us to waste the essences). Now we know how he got there

As griefing toward your atempts, I can say that it wasn't us. If you actually saw <Floor Inspectors> guild-tag under that person's nickname, I can assure you, that person behaved on his/her own initiative and we didn't know about it.

Also, I am full aware of "Friendly Fire"s progression and that they are one of the top (probably THE top) PvE progression guild on our server/world. Plus, some people said that Elidhu is world's top sorc, sorry, sage (even though I dissagree, since that place is taken by yours truly - a best sorcerer no one ever heard about). Don't go boosting about your progress, everyone who needs already know this (even though I understand that Ara's post was very provoking for you due to it's content and nature), show us a proper example.

Damn, that took a while, now to the Dreadtooth himself.
It was impossible for us to get the kill, since opposite faction members just aoe'd the group and interfered in almost all ways possible. With PvP healing reduction debuff on the whole raid, fight became impossible to heal through. Smash -> rock throw -> person gets deleted. Worst thing, no way we can avoid it, since assassins, sorry, shadows just stealth through and pop and aoe on us, PvP debuffing everyone.
I know it's a PvP server and all that, but there is a difference between world PvP/ganking and deliberate fun ruining for 24 people. You ask me, if one person can successfully wipe 24 people with no way for 24 to prevent it -> something is wrong here. Also, if you have nothing better to do than to ruin the day of 24 people trying to acomplish something you never will -> you are a sad sad person

To those who will be trying Dreadtooth 10-stack, good luck and hopefully you will not get griefed.

P.S. If any republic guild will be atempting Dreadtooth at 5+ stacks but is missing a tank, I am available (shadow tank, close to BiS - 26,500+ health unstimmed, 26/46/62 defence stats). Feel free to contact Leravu'lan on republic side.
P.P.S. Probably some typos and mistakes in there that I didn't noticed, sorry 'bout that
I'm so glad to see an intelligent post .. they're so rare these days.

Imo it's just bad design on Bioware's part .. we should either be immune to trauma while fighting the boss or be allowed to do this with more than 24 people. Most of the imps who were harassing us ended up dead, it's the 30% less healing which is the big issue here.

Anyway please don't bash on <SR> they were helping us out dealing with the imps harassing us and later joined in on actually killing the boss.

One last thing - please keep Aragorrius on his leash.