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In short, get all the datacrons you can, not only does it give you stat boost (some count more than other)
"Some count more than other" is not really the right way to put it.
If someone is playing a Jedi Knight for example, then the Aim and Cunning stats will not be simply less useful, but in fact they are completely useless, so there is no point in getting them.

but you also get a exp points for every datacron you find, and hey, free exp is good for you.
Not sure if serious.
Telling someone to get datacrons for the experience points is a terrible idea, in a game with a level cap and tons of repeatable content.

The experience points you can get from a Datacron is only a little bit more than what one gets from killing one (1) standard or weak enemy that is same level as themselves. Considering that many of the datacrons will take a very long time to get even if you are good at it and get it on the first try, the amount of exp you get is totally not worth it, if that is the only benefit you get. You could get many hundreds of times more exp (or some cases even a lot more than that) if you spent the same amount of time doing something else.