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02.12.2013 , 10:45 AM | #351
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No complaining that it:
  1. Looks like it's "bolted on" (much like the legacy system ( I am looking at you legacy levels 26-50)).
  2. Not retroactive (penalizes long term players, poor design).
  3. Nothing new (WoW and other games have rep grinds).
  4. Yet another thing that "won't have an effect" on your character ( vis a vie "choices have consequences").

Same old same old ... unless it's in the cash shop and shiny it's not scottish (or so we are lead to believe).
I always find number 2 an odd critiscism.

If BW applied the Rep unlocks retrospectively, many players would simply automatically unlock everything based on previous gameplay....and have no extra content to play / grind through???

Surely that would penalize long term players more?

Can you imagine the outcry then?