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02.12.2013 , 03:40 AM | #26
I really don't understand why guys are interferring Raid Teams who are trying to kill DT on 10 stacks. Yeh, I know that it's a PvP Server, but come on: You need to organize a group out of 24 players and then try to be focussed 100% on the boss fight.

Personally, it would never come to my mind to interferre Imperial players while doing this. I was there yesterday to watch them doing it, cause our Guild wanna do it as well pretty soon.

I even tried to tell those Reps in our General Chat to be that kind to stop interferring them, but all you get are responses like: F.uck you, get out, I do whatever I want etc.

But well, I guess this is just normal on this server. No one is willing to grant the other faction success. Sad but true!
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