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Quote: Originally Posted by Aragorrius View Post
Just for the record, anyone who ever went to school knows that your little list means NOTHING.
It's not even an official source.

Moreover... My guild for example isn't even on that list. Even though we should be.
Why? Because we don't give a damn about your little lists...
We do belong in the top of that list though, which anyone who plays with us or talks to us knows.

But we don't play so we can show others how wannabe awesome we are.

And since there are over 1 million people playing on these servers.. I got some statistical information for you.
Chances are there are more guilds NOT on your list.. Guilds that might have done just as well.
All your list shows is a group of Guilds that participated in the "Who has the biggest Wiener" contest.

So your list is quite meaningless.

Floor Inspectors is Full Progression. We've cleared anything and everything on 8 man.
We do not do 16 man's regularly at the moment, but those we've done we did without any effort.
We raid 5 days out of 7 and I'm quite sure any of our members knows their class and any PVE encounter inside out.

We however do not feel the need to "Claim" world bosses or events, because they belong to everyone.
If you buffed him yesterday and you weren't good enough to beat him, you DO not own him today.
In fact I think it's even against the Regulations Bioware set down to even claim this.

Mate I know this is frustrating.. but I do enjoy PVP.. where it belongs.. in WZ and in PVP events.
However I despise idiots that are just out to destroy the attempts at achievement by others and calling it "PVP"

PVP means Person versus Person.

When a guild is actually involved in a PVE fight.. and you Back stab them.. that's got NOthing to do with a VERSUS fight. Because there is no 2 sides fighting each other on equal footing.
It's just you being on the same level as Judas Iskariot 2000 years ago... or any traitor backstabber ever since.
Yours is no honor, but only shame.

why do I even bother trying to argue with you.
Argue with a fool and he'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.....

I give up. You win, you're right... how could we have been so stupid as to think we could actually achieve something like this in a reasonable fashion.
You belong at the top huh ? LOL ?

Please provide some proof.

btw. We did not "claim" the boss, i responded to your arrogant behavior .. You seem to feel entitled to that kill, which is not the case. More than that you don't have the numbers/ gear/ understanding of the fight to do it anyway ( but hey you're the best right if you can't do it no one can right ? where s that proof again ? )

It's funny how it was a "spontaneous" decision for you to attempt that boss at 10 stacks ( when he was conveniently already buffed AND the reps - us, griefed all night ) , and at the same time you claim you've prepared for it by farming the buffs required - what a convenient coincidence.

Please learn2read already and do not post non sense.

P.S. Where's that proof again ?