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Vux was worried when Lanser went running ahead of the team, wondering if the pressure was too much for the young man to bear. He was about to go after him when Sabrina did instead, so he allowed her to deal with the situation as he talked to Lukarna.

"Yes friend, I made sure that I grabbed a mask compatible with your physiology." the veteran said as they walked towards the two force-users, "I've served with many non-humans before, and have come to always accommodate them on the field."

Once they turned the corner, Vux saw Lanser and Sabrina standing next to each other and placed his finger on the trigger of his scattergun...just in case. "Are you feeling alright sir?" he said with a stern face, more worried about the mission than the young man's health, "It would be a shame if you gave up so soon. Lead the way when you're ready."

Once again the old feeling of suspicion arose, part of him thinking that the two of them moved ahead to plot against him and Lukarna. He could never truly trust a force-user, and these two were even worse since one was a Sith and the other a Revanite. Vux just hoped that if it did come down to a fight he could count on Lukarna to be his ally....
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