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Other than swapping high-Endurance enhancements for high-Shield enhancements, you're looking pretty good.

I would also recommend replacing the proc Absorb relic with a proc healing relic, as the math says it does more to contribute to overall mitigation, but that's on you. Also, consider upgrading your DG Shield/Absorb relic to Campaign Shield/Absorb. The 10s additional duration far outweighs the additional stats on the DG version.

You might consider also picking up an EWH Defense relic (and having one gear swap available to keep stat distribution) for fights where you are solo-tanking and/or the damage profile is more consistent (e.g. Dread Guards, Firebrand) but so many bosses have distinct phases that benefit the shield/absorb relic that I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Edit: AMR doesn't properly show stats accounting for talents, so his Defense is closer to 30% with 510 rating, not the 26% it lists. Even so, being slightly low on Defense and utilizing on-use Shield/Absorb relic is a superior gearing strategy (as most phased-tanking boss fights permit nearly 50% uptime on the on-use relic, and Deflection (plus Absorb adrenal if Biochem or super hardcore) can cover much of the other 50%).
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