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Sabrina checked behind her as she caught upto lansar, their was no on their yet. She could feel lansar head pounding in pain, making him enraged. He was becoming unfocused on task on hand, and the team needed him if they where to have a chance. If they completed this mission she would be one step closer to being a lord, she had to make him focus on the task on hand. She checked again behind her, still no one their. She took lansar by the hand and removed her mask, and kissed his mask where his lips would be. Then said If we stay together, this sith will not have a chance. His threats are empty, as he will be dead and we will be alive. She checked again behind them, it was still clear. She smiled at lansar, and added The other will be here in a minute, then we will move on togther okay? she waited for his reply, she was hoping his mind would focus even it was on her. It was their best chance of survial, if he new their was always a future.