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Ill be brutally honest with you; end game sorc dps is very rare. With Mercs and Snipers able to do your job much better; it's gonna be hard. However, one of our HM EC groups is looking for another DPS and the raid leader said he'd take a Sorc. We're server 5th and IMP 3rd so we are a top progression guild. We have a raid or world boss kill going on every night and on the nights we don't, we drunk pvp or alt raid. We have 16-30+ players on at all times and a very active website and mumble. Feel free to check us out at or whisper any member in game. All raids start at 530PST with your Stims and repair funds covered by the guild. Shoot me a message on here or whisper me in game on Atriss. Best of luck
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