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I would swap out some of your B mods for the normal ones. Your endurance is high and your mitigation is low. This is just my opinion and everyone's is difference ...... This is where my stats are at and I'm sitting at 28.5k HP.
I'm just the opposite. I run all B mods. But I swapped out all the enhancements for the extra 84 shield rating.
I also sat at 28.5k (until I swapped to a Resolve 27 hilt and Power 27.3k).

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.... thinkin of droping the on-use shield/aborb relic and get the 350 defense one.....
Relics are all about personal flavor, not gonna be the one guilty of opening THAT can o'worms.

Quote: Originally Posted by ipagex View Post
....i created this build and i want advice on how to perfect it since ...
There are many ways to hit the right numbers, the question you gotta ask is "Does this work for me?" Play with it. Tinker with it. Shower with wait...wrong thread.
Many ways to do that. You can use the various spreadsheets to adjust your numbers. You can dive head first into a years worth of tanking threads and deduce your own numbers. There's always good ol' trial and error. I started by building up an excess of mods and enhancements. I sat down on paper and worked out 4 basic starting builds...
The 25k-ish "I have EVERY single mitigation point possible" build
The 27-28k Non-lettered mods, High endo-enhancements build
The 27-28k Lettered mods, High shield-enhancements build
The 31k E-peen build
From there I tweeked each using the spread sheets on the fly and I ran them in the weekly guild runs. I took notes....interrogated my healers afterwards...etc. week, next build. I found out which builds worked and which didn't. (took quite a while and cost a LOT of credits)
Mit build? Didn't like it. Very effective, but just wasn't comfortable to me.
Non letter build? Works well, but my healers were all, "....meh"
E-peen build? Took me 2 days to get reinvited to the guild.
Lettered build? Healers liked it...I was comfortable with it... so I ran with it and did more fine tuning with the spread sheets and it is the build I currently use. The opposite non-lettered build I run on my other tank on pub side. I couldn't let all those extra mods and enhancements go to waste I don't really raid that much with it (but when I do I have no problems)

Like DarkAkra said, everyone's got their own opinion on what right looks like. You will see different stat suggestions from different people... 30/60/60...30/45/60...etc. But you will also see that they are all very close to each other and if you do your reading homework in the threads, you will see that they tend to match the different builds and all fall into a general truth. And they are all "right". So it winds up boiling down to... as long as your comfortable with it, and your raid group is comfortable with it, and more can git'er done (can't believe I really just said git'er done)....then make your adjustments and roll with it.
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