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kaydon looked at favalia it taste sweet in my opinion and what are the things you do for enjoyment he asked. after a couple hours of reading through dossiers stryfe found one that interested him a person he trained in combat a couple of years ago named cairus i should give him a call he thought to himself as he walked to his holoterminal. cairus was sitting at his worktable with parts strewn across it and a magnifying glass in front of his eyes to see the tiny parts he was using until he heard a call on his comm unit. who would be calling me when i have important work to do he growled wiping dirt off his hands and turning on the device the image of a man appeared. oh stryfe its just you what can i do for you he asked his irritation going away slowly. hello cairus i am in need of your help with a mission given to me by a sith cairus rubbed his chin thinking for a minute. what are the details? he finally asked after a minute of silence. the details will be revealed once you accept and meet me at my ship he replied. well ive got nothing better to do i guess he said. good then meet me here in 1 hour stryfe out the image of agent stryfe faded away and cairus went to prepare for the meeting. stryfe then began to contact jaeya to give her the same message he had given cairus.
desperate i return to you broken i return to you we circle over and over