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The SoK page is actually just a redirect to the main page. During the last refit of our site a few weeks back I took the redirects out while the new landing pages are built, etc. My apologizes for the confusion there. We are also looking to consolidate our branding so you may be in SoK, but we keep things tight and singular out of game. Works better then all playing the game know everybody else.

You'll often find some of us in TeamSpeak (which isn't required) jumping back and forth as needed between factions.

When in doubt, post on our website, or even drop into Teamspeak if you would like to join. So long as you have registered and sent the "Join Us" form in (the electronic form, fill-in the blanks) we can get you setup ASAP.

All the best,

Benjimir (Republic)
Rimijneb (Imperial)
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