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02.11.2013 , 09:35 PM | #17
Starting about 1145pm mountain time I keep loosing conection every 2-3 min. I called my provider they said they dont see any issues with my modem while the came kept loosing connection. obvoislly it was not my computer or modem. ( computer is above spec). I restared and unpluged everything just for ***** and giggles. still on for 2-3 min loose connection. it is now 2/11/13 at 830pm. almost 24 hours later still same issue. Reading other posts and googling this issue I seem to see a pattern... It seems to be related with comcast and cox communications...

Also as a side note. There are times im in mumble and it still happens and I dont loose connection with mumble. other times im on mumble AND litening /watching utube vid. and SWTOR still looses connection but thats the only thing.. THis does not happen with other games I play. If it was my connection id loose connection with everything..

Any Ideas????