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The true value to having a system where people can just buy the stats for gear (the skins still require a run) is that operations are solely for people who wish to do them. I dont have people dropping group after the boss that drops there peice didnt drop it. Instead my group is full of people who want to be there for the sake of being there.
I think this sums it up pretty well. Sorry, I know this thread is a few days old.
There were quite a few "I'm so awesome!" posts claiming that only those super-awesome like them should be able to obtain best-in-game gear. Or if its craftable at all, it should be set up in a way that makes 2 or 3 of said super-awesome players mega-multi-millionaires because they were the only person in their guild who rolled cybertech instead of biochem.
(if it was done the way people on this thread were demanding, you couldn't even fwd mods to an alt to learn)
This outlook is both elitist and short-sighted.
How many "hard-core" gamers were already bored and gone before 1.2 even rolled out?
Still more left either right before or right after 1.3.
These are the last people Bioware needs to take advice from!
The guys who started the guild I was in previously were exactly that sort. Yea they were the first on the server to beat EV and KP in nightmare mode, and the server first to beat Zorn and Toth in hard mode.
Whoopie Do!
Half of those guys had quit the game by the time 1.2 came out, which was about the time a buddy and I joined up.
Most of the rest quit shortly after server mergers.
Yes, it took plenty of skill to learn those fights when there were no guides to look at and no one to teach you the mechanics. I'm not denying that.
But the one time I talked to the guy who founded that guild in teamspeak, he was a total jerk!
The GM when I joined was considerably nicer, but still lacked the patience to teach game mechanics.
He and his wife quit shortly after mergers along with most of what was left of the once biggest and baddest guild on the server. Leaving two (count-em) TWO of the talented players, and me.

So for all those who complain that a "gear check" doesn't mean what it used to; on that much we agree.
When I see a fully optimized set of 63's I don't think "this is gonna be a cake walk, the big-boys are here"
I think "If we wipe because this clown forgets to taunt, he's gonna blame everyone but himself."

They didn't make these learnable to make 3 people per server multi-millionaires. They did it to make crafting viable, and even profitable. Super-awesome players just don't stick around. Catering to their damands (especially on something as mundane as crafting) is NOT a long term strategy for the game. Super-awesome need NEW content about every two weeks or they get bored and start whining in forums about people "schem-stealing" and cutting into their obscene profit margins. Or they quit the game all together and play something else which invariably gets boring in about a month or less. I know this to be true. Some of the guild members who left for other games came back and left again when the next game came out.
The way it's set up now, people who aren't members of <Super-Awesome> can have something to work towards.
I know I'll never be invited to join <Super-Awesome> and I'm ok with that.
I'd much rather seek out scruffy newbs who want to learn.
And I know from experience that scruffy newbs make better friends anyway.