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Yeah i hit 50 and realised that the lag plays a huge factor when playing ranked and intense 50s pvp. So ill be staying on APAC unless i hit the utmost of boredom.
I get that lag is a big factor in competitive E-sport, but in my honest opinion, SWTOR has never been and will never be a competitive enough game where "reasonable" levels of lag will make a "huge" difference. I get about 154 ping (which is actually better than what I got on the APAC servers, where I had 180ish), and most of the guys I talk to from <The Elite> get around 170-200.

On POT5 (which is East Coast) I had ping of around 225, so West Coast server was easy choice for me. Haven't tried a European server but then I don't want to play with a bunch of Europeans :P

And let's be honest...we all managed to play the game just fine on Swiftsure or whatever origin server we came from before APAC servers, so not sure why all of a sudden the game is "unplayable" anywhere other than APAC