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Hi my character name is Zerion i am a Dps Sorcerer I am looking for a guild who is competitive in progression as i do want to be in one of the best progression guilds if not THE best. I am very competitive when it comes to progression comes from my days of playing WoW it is always fun to best Server 1st but would also want to try for World 1st on all progression content . I am very drivin when wanting to raid so it sucks when alot of these guilds invite me and then they expect me to sit on the bench! I refuse to sit on the bench I feel like i can be a key player in any Ops group! my personal progression is KP//EV HM and TFB//EC SM....I wish my progression was better but like i said most guilds have been making me sit on the bench for weeks.

I always familiarize myself with all content by watching videos even if i have not done the fights my gear is BH///Rakata again would be better if i was given chances to be in groups. Now im not desperate But i would just like if some guilds would look at this and just give me a chance If you are not happy with my performance then i understand if you kick me or put me on the shelf but again NO ONE HAS GIVEN ME A CHANCE!!! I know what it is to be in a progression guild As i was on one when i played WoW we were always server 1st and always competed against other very good guilds.

I will be hitting 1.7 patch hard to keep up with the content and I am very interested in doing it with a guild with the same drive and passion as i do because i hear theres gonna be a new boss and would love to get world first!!!! Please Mail me ingame or post on this forum I would much rather talk in game first before i try and fill out a guild application Thanks for whoever reads this

Raid times any day just has to start 5:30pm or later