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Quote: Originally Posted by bbare
I agree with you that engineering dps is high enough to complete any content in the game. That isn't what I was arguing. I was arguing that engineering is not as good as full lethality or the hybrid. When I mean "less than good dps" I mean in comparison to the other specs in the class. My OP assumed that each class was using the optimal spec for their class, which both of us should agree is lethality or the hybrid. I agree that Engineering is only better in the rare cases where you are only composed of marauders and assassins in NIM EC. If that happens to be the case, engineering is probably best for the sniper, however it would be a rare occasion. How many guilds run NiM EC with two marauders, an assassin, and a sniper? I would bet it is pretty rare.

I agree that ballistic shield has some good use, but that also wasn't what I was arguing. I was arguing that the combination of utility of marauders is higher than the sniper.
Quote: Originally Posted by bbare
I probably worded my original post a little wrong. It seemed like as a marauder, you should never go anything else but annihilation. What I meant was, all marauders should use annihilation predominately. Carnage should be reserved for certain fights if you do not need the extra utility of annihilation and there is lots of downtime. My point to the person who responded to me there was if you compare the sniper utility to the marauder utility, the marauder utility will be much better than sniper utility, especially in annihilation spec. It really was a moot point anyway, because carnage marauders still have more utility than snipers.
Okay, thanks for the clarification on the utility idea and how you intended the original post to be received. I just read your section about Snipers as if they have zero group utility while they have one. However, Marauders are superior with their two group buffs (three if you count the healing effects of Berserk in Annihilation). Of course, Leathlity and Hybrid out DPS Engineering in single-target any day.