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You've got 27.6k and your adding B' real point to adding endurance augs at that point.
We have EC NiM on farm and I sit at 27.1k. So I know from application that anything higher is not exactly "neccessary'' but more of a personal choice. If it were me, I would be keeping the absorb augs and maybe shoot for 60 instead of 55. But again, that's just me and what I do that fits my play style. I've seen vids with guys clearing stuff with 30k+. I also know you got guys like Kitru clearing stuff with 24-25k that run total maximum mitigation and then drop all their endo for willpower.
From what you have posted, you are in the right zone and should be a very effective meat-shield .
Now you just gotta fine tune it. All of it works for the game, you just gotta find what works for the player.
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