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02.11.2013 , 05:19 PM | #37
I think they could have done more with the romances and hopefully they will in the future. My first romance was femConsular with Iresso and it was a little boring and happened much too late in the game. I'm enjoying my bromance between Corso and my Smuggler guy right now, but alas, it's platonic. It's better written than an "official" romance, mind you.

It's kind of hard not to compare romances with other Bioware titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age and feel kind of disappointed about it. First there's only OGR and the existing romances then just kind of stop. There's no evolution whatsoever.

I realize creating an MMO brings restrictions and there are so many chars to deal with. But now that F2P is implemented, I wish they'd really get some more story content going which would also include romances.

And a little more depth /variety/drama would be in order.