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Do most people run assault plastique in their pve dps specs? im a new 50 vg and i havent had a chance to test it yet but it feels like a dps loss to me that doesnt really fit into a rotation.
It is a dps loss in pve. It is better in pvp, because it provides more burst. In pvp, it is better to have short-term burst than sustained damage, because it is more difficult to heal. In pve, sustained damage is better. Whatever gives you more damage over a course of 6 min is generally better. There are times in which burst is necessary, but the burst phases are long enough to make short-term burst obsolete to high amounts of constant damage. Most who run without assault plastique run an 8/6/27 build. There are variants such as 7/6/28 that provide basically the same amount of damage.
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