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02.11.2013 , 04:46 PM | #11
Due to your friend being a Scoundrel, and thus having stealth + being able to spec for dps/burst - I'd say that a Shadow might be the overall best choice - while not as good at guarding/"saving" the healer friend, as a Guardian the Shadow is still nice - The fun factor of being 2 stealth classes(and the added utility) could be really great and very fun.
Think of when you both get a bit bored by doing the very same-same-same, you could both go dps/burst, being able to capture nods with 2-4 enmies quite fast. Or you could both go range+a bit of melee-"harassment specs".

The Guardian while great and fun in itself, it's as good as always a melee class, that does most of it's doing in/while melee(ing). Both Scoundrel and Shadow could kinda be semi-good mid-long range classes, a quite different playstyle(compared to healer+tank, or dps/burst+dps/burst, or anyone of the different but possible specs).

And it transfers over to PvE as well, and both being able to stealth past mobs etc.