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Love what you did with the site

As a healer it is awesome to see some real numbers instead of the crap some other parsers give. Actual HPS and the %for tanks are really useful tool for stepping your game up.

Is there any chance of WZ's being added? I'm not so much interested in the rankings (although the leaderboards are *********** awesome for PVE). I would just like a tool that doesn't clock overheal and takes into consideration out of combat time in my HPS.

Either way thanks for all your hard work!

As for adding Warzones to the rankings, there is nothing in the works for that to happen. I really haven't even looked to see if it is something viable. PvE Statistics work because you can tell what instance people are running and what boss they're killing just by parsing the numbers in the combat log (read: no manual work required). I'm not sure the same is possible for PvP, although I could be mistaken. It is an interesting idea and I'll jot it down to give it a good look at sometime in the future.