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All it takes is for the new people to be willing to listen, and a good teacher who is patient and willing to teach. I wish all the new groups I ran into read the same book these guys did. 3cheers!
Very similar experience yesterday, was in a group for Hammer Station and our Tank had never actually tanked before. We did fine up til last boss since with an Op and 2 Snipers, plus the PT tank, we had plenty of CC and DPS to go around.

We wiped a couple times on last boss, but the Tank listened when we told him how to position boss, how to get a hold of adds, and how to move to avoid AOEs without causing them to take out the rest of the group. We were nice and we were patient - he was reasonable and he listened and made changes accordingly.

It's not a matter of learning to play - anyone can solo quest. It's a matter of learning to play in a group. That can really only be done by experiencing the FPs first-hand.