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02.11.2013 , 01:58 PM | #301
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so carnage, mox and hatred have all gotten the orb.

it would be ncie if they could use this thread to discuss what they have tried with their orbs as to avoid testing the same things.
Carnage has created a private spreadsheet with everything we have tried - we invited Mox to it and they are collaborating with us - I can add someone from Hatred, but I would prefer to speak with someone from their guild before I do (feel free to PM me and we can arrange a time to talk tonight).

To the community: Carnage has 3 orbs, currently - we spent 2 hours trading around the second and third to try multiple things. To date, we have tried over 25 unique things (mox added 2 we hadn't tried). When we do figure it out, we will share it with the rest of the community (we have been recording all of our attempts). We have a few ideas left - but have slowed down on trying things. We think it is possible that it is not in the game yet and will be added in 1.7 or some later patch. I believe by the end of tonight we will be completely out of new ideas anyway.

Also would note, I think we have tried every single thing suggested on this thread so far (except jumping into the sarlaac!).