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We do indeed disagree, but it's all based on theory. You know what would be cool? For Bioware to announce and then implement a week where you can't be rooted when you are white-barred. And/or maybe some of the other suggestions given by people when it comes to cc (shorter cc breaker cooldown is one of the few reasonable ones I can think of). They could alternatively put it on the pts server.

Then we could actually try it and provide feedback. Let's face it, this would not be hard to code, and a week of different pvp mechanics would not affect anything (oh noes! My preseason rated ranking!). But things like this won't happen in swtor because it's not a primary focus of theirs.
Im glad Ive gotten "alot" of positive feed back with my post and test server test on the changes that could possibly be made Live would be a great Idea Id gladly go to test it.