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Don't like roots when you have full resolve? Roll a spec that can clear movement impairment (combat sent, any operative, assault vanguard, shadow tank/hybrid, healer sage, etc...) or a sniper that stays put anyway.

You're welcome.
I'm sorry, but that's a load of poo. assault has to burn his one dcd for a onetime root/snare dispel. who in their right mind is going to sit on their ONE dcd for one of the handful of moments that they're snared/rooted? most likely, it was necessary just to get to the white bar.

This doesn't mean I'm 100% behind the op or anything else. but this called for some sort of comment. it's incredibly misleading. only the cleansing classes can legitimately claim to have an answer to roots/snares, and those answers are generally only good for self casts because the roots, in particular, have already run their course by the time a teammate is able to communicate the need for a cleanse to the cleanser, who is likely in the midst of another cast.
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