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The best part of SWtoR PvP is its high complexity compared to PvP in other MMOs. It's good because it really allows player skill rather than other variables to become the dominant factor in determining who wins a battle. For example the difference in effectiveness for a player in full WH gear vs. that same player in full EWH augmented gear is maybe 10-15%. But a high skill player is easily 50% or more effective than a low skill player.

However the side effect of having a complex combat system is that the high skill players are operating at a level so far above the low skill players that the low skill players view the learning curve as simply too steep.

It's just not clear how (if it is possible at all) to reconcile that steep learning curve without removing the combat system's complexity.
The learning curve is not the problem -- it is what makes a deep game deep. Any game that is deep (e.g. chess and go) take a long time to reach the top levels of play. The problem is match scheduling. If you know in advance that team A is 98th percentile in skill, don't queue it up against team B which you know is 10th percentile in skill because that is boring for both sides.

What needs to change is BW's prioritizing of structural improvements for PvP. Perhaps someone can make a compelling argument that improving PvP WZ will have a good ROI.

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