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02.11.2013 , 12:25 PM | #1178
Quote: Originally Posted by BoskiCesiu View Post
Juggernaut Vs Commando

Jagg: Saber Throw + Force Charge ~ 2-3,5k dmg
- Force Charge interrupt and stun Commando
- Commando cant stun Juggernaut - Force Charge gives the resistance to all stuns
Jagg: Sundering Assault + Smash ~ 7-8k dmg
Jagg: Force Push + Force Charge ~ 2 k dmg + interrupt, + resistance
Jagg: ravage - cant be interrupt ~ 3-4k dmg + Smash ~6k dmg
Jagg: Vicious Throw ~ 3-4k dmg
Commando is dead - Juggernauts have 90% hp
The same situation with Marauders

Last WZ:
My team: 4 Commando, 1 Guard, 1 Setn., 2 Sages
Enemy team: 1 Sorc., 4 Marauders, 3 Jugger.
We could not leave the respawn....

I have 5 item Elite WH and 20,5k hp, Commando is my main. I play this game from the beginning.
Anyone else think it's funny he spells juggernaut correctly, and then proceeds to use jagg? Like wtflol.

And apparently, in his scenario the commando is being played by a brain dead monkey because they just stand there and do nothing in the 1v1 against the jugg.