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Is English your 8th language or something? All the entities with damage reflect abilities currently reflect DoT damage. And BW has made a habit of inserting descriptions of how abilities work that are diametrically opposed to how they actually work.
*** are you talking about? There is no class ability that reflects damage.

But the description for net specifically says DIRECT DAMAGE, not ALL DAMAGE. Learn2****ingreadyouscrub.

If you've ever played a melee, you must be a horrible one. Letting a Merc open up a 30m gap from melee range because he put a 50% snare on you? Horrible. A competent melee will be able to hit the Merc for the full 9 second duration of Electro Net, while the Merc is doing what? Nothing for approximately half that time due to Saber Reflect. The bottom line is that the addition of Saber Reflect + Electro Net is a net add of several free GCDs to a competent melee player. For you, evidently not so much.
How is a melee going to stay on the merc when he nets you from 30m away? You can't use your gap closers or vanishes.

For someone with the name of macroeconomics, you definitely don't understand how the bigger picture works.