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i agree that in theory the net thing sounds cool, but it sounds like a base class ability that both VG/PT and Mando/Merc will get.

also, in comparison to the other what the other classes will be getting, Mando/Merc is still likely going to be on the bottom of the totem pole.

this game needed a balance check. bioware needed to pick a certain level of performance, and then bring all classes either up or down to that level. based on the info from the datamine, it looks like they are just buffing every class. which does nothing but preserve the status quo, like ive already said.

and if 1.7 comes out and there are absolutely no changes to class balance, im going to find it hard to justify sticking with this game. i need to find a good guild; playing this game by yourself for the most part if boring as hell
Focus got nerfed pretty good, so not everyone got a flat across the board buff. Bubble stun also got nerfed so it's self only. The two biggest things people complained about--and rightly so--got nerfed. Some of the other class buffs were either meh--like vigilance guardian buffs--to pretty good--deception assassins.

1.7 is coming out tom so ya, there's no class changes. The datamined stuff are most likely expansion.