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02.11.2013 , 12:07 PM | #6
Definitely not. I mean, maybe for the next decade but from what I've been seeing, online access in video games is become more and more popular, not just in the form of MMOs. The new Sim City for example, has a 'global market' with player cities across the world all interconnected. And then there's Skyrim, which is producing Skyrim Online. In many franchises it just seems the next logical step.

Basically what I'm saying is as more and more normal videogames start sporting online features and popular franchise beginning producing MMOs, people won't find MMOs so daunting anymore and they'll become more popular. Over the next half century Star Wars isn't going to miss out on that party. I doubt we'll see another any time soon, but yeah, this will not be the last.

If I were to make a guess on what it would be, something like SWG 2. I haven't actually played it but it seemed pretty successful. With the movies on their way and new Star Wars material flowing in I think another MMO set in the original trilogy period might not be a bad idea.