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02.11.2013 , 11:58 AM | #7
Most of the sites that I have read say that for a JK Guardians, defense rating (to avoid being hit in the first place) is primary among the three tanking stats. But only to a point (350-450 depending on what site you read). That being said, you will not reach that level of defense rating until level 50 anyway and you do not need that much defense until level 50 and are doing operations. Furthermore, while in tanking stance, you gain focus by being hit and taking damage, so completely avoiding damage is not necessarily a good thing.

My suggestion would be that while leveling just get whatever tank stats you can. For augments, go with defense rating, but you also might want to put some might (strength) augments into the equation as well to keep your damage dealing ability on par so questing does not slow down too much.