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Based on the Hope trailer I'd say that Darth Malgus is superior in outright combat. The Return trailer doesn't really count; she was to young to really judge her performance.

However, I'd say that by the time the game takes place, both of them are likely beyond the height of their physical ability. Of course the strength of a Jedi or Sith grows as their understanding of the Force grows - Yoda has difficulties to walk without a stick if he doesn't use the Force to do so, but moves like a bouncy ball on coke if he does - but from a purely physical point of view there is no way a woman in her early forties perform as as well as in her mid-twenties.

(personally I always thought Yoda uses the stick only to cheat the health insurance)

Of course - after the "The False Emperor" I would definitely set my money on Satele Shan.
Malgus is only 1 year older than Satele Shan.