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LOL@ Grav Round spam = lots of upfront damage.

If we could reliably get out Grav Round in a competitive environment the class wouldn't have issues. The in ability to reliably get it out against anyone who knows what we're doing is a huge part of our DPS issues (which is different from our utility and survivability issues).

You realize how hard a focus spec blade storm hits? I regularly crit it for 4.5k. I'd be fine absorbing that one too. Sweep is melee range too, so it runs into the same issue as cauterize. When I knock them away, they can't hit me with it. But once again, the fact that diversion is off GCD means I decide when I want it to absorb something. The enemy cannot get around it like they would be able to if it was on the GCD.
It hits not much harder than Combat Spec Blade Storm without PS, and it still hits less hard than sweep which is what they'll be trying to stop from Focus Spec.

For combat it doesn't matter that sweep is melee range. You're waiting to use PS till they blow their knockback anyway if you're smart. Everyone always thinks if you just stop PS > MS you've shut them down, but it's the PS part of that that's dangerous, and that comes up much more often and smart combat sents will look for their opportunity then destroy you with it. Diversion isn't gonna stop it when all they have to do is watch for it and then sweep because, again, Diversion isn't a subtle animation (unlike PS).

Although, as you've pointed out, combat sents still have stasis, and they don't need to worry about singularity stacks, so they can use that to clear your Diversion from outside melee range. Thanks for pointing that out.

One attack can make or break a fight easily. Absorbing a huge hit or CC will turn the fight to your favor.

Ok so you haven't played WoW so that means you don't understand how useful this ability is. I know how useful it is because in WoW one class has the exact same ability called grounding totem, but grounding totem was not off GCD and it was a physical object so you could just whack it with autoattack to remove it. Diversion has neither of these issues and it's usefulness will depend completely on your skill and ability to read the situation to time it right.
One attack makes the difference, but my point is that everyone will have a relatively low hitting ability they can waste on Diversion, and then get on with it. One GCD can make the difference for a shadow in a good 1v1. It won't make the difference for us.

Yes you can decide when to use it, but again it's not subtle and smart people will definitely look for it. You don't get to go "Oh he's using BS" and pop Diversion. At that point the damage is going to go through. They'll see it, they'll use their low damaging force/tech ability (honestly only one I'm having trouble thinking of one for is Infiltration Shadow, but I'm sure I can find something, and that's assuming it doesn't just count shadow technique), and then they'll continue on with the pwnage.

One attack dodged. One. Count 'em.

It's about absorbing the 100% armor penetration blade storm. That **** hurts like a truck. Regular blade storm isn't nearly as bad cause we got like 30-35% damage red.
Again, if you think Focus Blade Storm is worth blocking, then so is Combat's, even without PS. Even without the armor pen they still have a 30% boost to it's crit multiplier. Also I don't think you quite appreciate the carnage 5 Blade Rushes in a row can do to a person when they have 100% armor penetration. (Zen reduces the GCD to 1 second for that ability).

Also, they can just stasis which will get absorbed then if you knocked them back early enough they now have time to smack you good with that boosted Blade Storm.

Don't think I've ever hit 6k with dispatch. My guardian doesn't have +30% surge for dispatch so it doesn't crit nearly as hard as my commando's demo round which does have that.
It can definitely happen.

Net is definitely better than some of the other **** other classes are getting because it's very unique and extremely useful for gibbing classes in RWZ. They can't escape, thus they die.
The shadow changes alone are pretty amazing. I'm surprised that's not getting more press. Tank Hybrids smacking you in the face with Shadowstrike?

Saber reflect sounds cool, but it's most likely only for guardians and they need love badly because focus guardians weren't that bad since they're easy as **** to kill, and vig guardians are super lols. Vig didn't really get **** for buffs either. Still only dps tree with no 30% surge talent.
You say that but I can't for the life of me figure out why. Didn't one of the tooltips mention needing both sabers? Wasn't it you pointing out a little while ago that it was most likely for sentinels only? Make up your mind yeah?

Phase walk is extremely cool will will completely change the way huttball is played, but net will neutralize it. GG.
Any shadow with cooldowns and looking to ball carry can stay alive for 9 seconds. We also don't know if resilience will cleanse it.

I'm not saying electro net isn't pretty cool. All of these abilities from all of these classes are going to be game changers, but electro net looks like pretty much it to me for gunnery, whereas others are getting pretty interesting changes in their trees as well.

Electro Net is pretty much our only hope for unique utility right now, otherwise we're staying out of ranked warzones for the indefinite future.
In update 2.9 the game will simply uninstall itself for you.