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Well Im in luck then I got none of the options above exept forthe first time I got some dps rolling as healer . Never meet a ninja looter in a HM FP. Never meet a that rushy person but afks do happends but thats like irl playes a big roll. Never meet on a elite that kicked me directly after one mistake or never got kicked at all in all my days but I have meet one jerk that couldent understand that this is just a game ones and that was a long time ago back when I first started tanking HMs.
I've never been kicked either, but I have seen people kick other people for next to nothing. I've seen people in SM OPS need on EVERYTHING (being a healer but needing a tank relic AND the dps relic at the same time). I was trolled by 3 guildies because I guess that is the thing to do to people.

I've seen Healers and Tanks fight over NOTHING. I've seen DPS rage and yell over running ahead and dying.

I've been playing since Jan 2012, and the good does outweigh the bad, but since F2P, and reading the forums, it seems to have become a very scary sight indeed.