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Been playing this game for a bit over a month, actually, but did SWG for quite awhile followed by a WoW stint from Lich King til just after Cata. Thus far I have had mostly positive group experiences - a few negatives, but that happens. Honestly, I just don't care that much - if a player is willing to loot in a way that gets them on too many ignore lists to even get a group anymore, then fine.

So they ninja the chestpiece that I did the run for in the first place. IMO, so what? I'll just run it again, I'll have an easier time finding another group than they will - I'm heals, after all
I agree with you, when you loose your name then you have nothing to loose.
My experience is also that 4 of 5 people clicks need because they do not realize the gentlemen's agreement on looting, it is not innate knowledge when you start MMOs.