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Can't remember the last time I queue'ed for a HM FP I used to do it everyday but now it is like.... You either get:

1. Ninja Looter
2. 'Gotta get it done in 10 minutes so I can afk on fleet 'Leroy
3. Wrong Role/Doesn't know Role
4. Elitist Jerk that will kick you for the SMALLEST mistake.

Well Im in luck then I got none of the options above exept forthe first time I got some dps rolling as healer . Never meet a ninja looter in a HM FP. Never meet a that rushy person but afks do happends but thats like irl playes a big roll. Never meet on a elite that kicked me directly after one mistake or never got kicked at all in all my days but I have meet one jerk that couldent understand that this is just a game ones and that was a long time ago back when I first started tanking HMs.
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