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You must be very new to this game. Welcome to The old Republic, you have one of the the highest registration numbers I have seen so far 6,329,218. It fills me with joy that you still not have experienced the downside of the lootsystem, but believe me you will in the future.

Keep up the good work and always communicate with the group you are playing with if something is unclear
Been playing this game for a bit over a month, actually, but did SWG for quite awhile followed by a WoW stint from Lich King til just after Cata. Thus far I have had mostly positive group experiences - a few negatives, but that happens. Honestly, I just don't care that much - if a player is willing to loot in a way that gets them on too many ignore lists to even get a group anymore, then fine.

So they ninja the chestpiece that I did the run for in the first place. IMO, so what? I'll just run it again, I'll have an easier time finding another group than they will - I'm heals, after all