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I was F2P for about a day before I picked up a sub, before I had even run Black Talon. But aren't F2P players limited on the number of rolls they can do per day? Makes sense, I suppose, that they would want to maximize their "take" even if they can only sell it to junk vendor.

Why not just ask the group prior to or during a roll? Ex: "Anyone mind if I need on that for companion?" or "off-spec" or "for the mods." If something drops that no one else can really use, or they already have it, why not just ask?

I have yet to be told "no"
You must be very new to this game. Welcome to The old Republic, you have one of the the highest registration numbers I have seen so far 6,329,218. It fills me with joy that you still not have experienced the downside of the lootsystem, but believe me you will in the future.

Keep up the good work and always communicate with the group you are playing with if something is unclear