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Alot of the prequel suffered terrible ideas and poor story writting, not terrible movies on there own but terrible story telling, more so when compared to the originals. Probally too many Yes, Men in the GL camp when they wrote these movies.

Terrible Ideas and storyline short cuts (which woulod be a no-no in a literature class)

Padme's death was ridiculous
Anakin being conceived like Jesus
Anakin's turn from good guy to kid killer was a bit too much too soon.
Even order 66 just kinda wrapped things up very quickly

There is no clear cut protagonist for episode 1.

Its obvious that Luke is the hero is episode 4.
He meets all the critera for a main hero,

Luke starts off as just a farm boy, finds out he can be a jedi, meets the typical anti-hero companions, leaves the starter area (this very important for character growth), Rescues the princess and saves the day.

Farm boy to Intergalactic Hero in one film. Classic Hero.

Now EPISODE 1, Who is the Hero?

Characters are supposed to resolve some issue during the course of your story, i dont really think he does that. He just passes the torch to obi-wan and dies, no really conflict resolution.

Maybe, but he doesn't even have that many lines and the entire movie, he stays in the ship on tattooine. He does kill Darth Maul, but it little signiface becasue there is no history between them and its not like Obi-wan and we hardly explore the relationship between Obi-wan and Qui Gon.

No way, he does not show up untill half the movie is over and though he does save the day and leave the planet, he never changes. Luke was a nobody turned hero, Anakin was heroic and brave from the begining and saved the day by winning the POD Race,

Jar-Jar or Padme?
They both over come obsticals and both leave there home planet only to return as heros.