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I'm so trying that later, any particular place people have to stand or can it be any edge of the pit?
the most successful spots to stand in my experience has been: tank taunts malgus and stands in any spot between a pillar and the tunnel door to the right (if you are standing facing the stairs) the rest of the group (heals/dps) need to be standing on the opposite side of the pit, on the edge of the platform, or as close to the edge as possible, this is to give malgus the least amount of "floor" space to land to, when he jumps. Occasionally, he will bug, and never die. Ive only had this happen a couple of time, out of many. Sometimes it takes less then 20 seconds, sometimes it takes up to a minute or two, depending on where people are standing. Ive had people say "they fixed it" just because it was taking longer then the usual 20 or 30 seconds. Give it some time, he may leap around a few times, and players may die a few times (due to malgus pushing them into the pit) before he finally falls into the pit. Im sure this is not intended, and will be fixed in the future.

its helpful if the heals/dps can heal/dps from the other side of the pit, creating hate and getting malgus to jump quicker.

it is not helpful when players (other then the tank) run up to him and fight him, because they create that one spot that malgus might jump to that isnt near the pit. Basically, there should be only two places malgus might jump to: the tank or the rest of the group.