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You have a tank respec midfight, with all the stuff going on? Does he change all his gear too? And thats on a fight which has a very very loose enrage timer. Either your DPS are bads or your co tank is trying to be snazzy. There is absolutely no need to respec midfight.

Does he do it for the 4th boss too? as after 50% its a 1 tank fight.
I don't know why we haven't thought about solo tanking tfb kephess sub 50% yet, but I now know what we're doing this week. My co tank also goes dps for all of minefield in nim ec, but that's just because he likes being snazzy I think.

Yeah there is no need for it, but it's a good way to break up the routine of some of the fights. Or maybe our dps are just bads, who knows.
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