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02.11.2013 , 08:10 AM | #70
I have seen all ships now and this is my personall ranking:

1. My best friend Thunderclap (Trooper) - really like it. You can feel the purpose of it in side and outside. Well organized space with personall briefing room, You can treat it as mobile bunker and defend it like one. Althou in space while doing barelroll It feels like T-34
2. Freighter and Mantis (Smugler/BH) - what can I say? "She's not preatty but she is tough" really how can one do not like those is beyond me. First one mixture of Milenium Falcon and Ebon Hawk second Slave I and Serenity.
3. Fury (SW/SI) - cold, brutal, nice layout - that is what I did expect from real Sith ship to be
4. Defender (JK/JS) - corelian ship, althou quite nice It misses some personality the above mantioned have.
5. Phantom (IA) - do not feel it at all. Beautifully done outside and inside but really do not feel it. It' just like Ferrari for me. Great overall beautifull and so but can I have (F)Bronco or (LR)Defender or maybe (J) Wrangler instead?

It's shame thou we do not have any real interaction and personalization options with those ships and can't use them in Legacy system for cross faction even How fun it would be do Rebulic or Imperial missino in Furry or Thunderclap.