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02.11.2013 , 08:00 AM | #64
Some of you stated that players should be the ones that take initiative to make RWZ work; I completely disagree with this point. If the competition system itself is flawed and discourages players from participating, then having the players put in extra effort and time to make the system work is just taxing and not worthwhile for the players. That is like saying if NFL is not working, then professional football players and coaches should put in extra effort and time to make NFL work. But it doesn’t work like that. NFL gets paid to make the system work, if it is not working well then they find people who can make it work, not the players and coaches. Same for RWZ, BW gets paid to make RWZ work. If it is not working, then BW needs to find people who can make it work. The players focus on the RWZ games, not the system.

Another suggestion I would make is to make all WZ ranked and allow any group number to queue, from solo to 8. Then let the ratings match players. The rating would define the players’ skill, gear, and effort put forth in making groups.