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02.11.2013 , 07:41 AM | #1
I am looking for a guild to join to do flashpoints and dailies with and sit and enjoy conversations on TS or Vent at times. P.s if you didnt catch it in my name in Canadian and from Southern Ontario.

I am a casual gamer..meaning I don't play every day (work seems to interfere ) I play mostly on weekends and can sometimes be found tinkering around during the weekdays , but only for a short time when things are slow at my office. Lets not take Casual for not being a serious gamer though..I have been gaming since Pong came out in 1975 and enjoy every minute of it and aside from walks and hiking its my main hobby. (damn sounds like a singles ad i'm writing,lol). Long walks on the bea...............forget it..

any ways..if there are any casual Guilds that i could join please get in touch with me. I was always part of clans for fps games and would like to enjoy the same friendship and enjoyment in this game as well.

I have 4 toons on Shadowlands.. and mainly play as DPS with them for flashpoints ..but can respec 2 of them into healers if need be.