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I would start off with like EV/KP SM just to get the group to work together and see the weak/strong sides of each player, it also teaches players to get more aware of what happened around them and not just their specific role. That would at the most take 3-4 hours if the group works well, then you can run into EC SM and try out the bosses, make sure everyone is aware of the mechanics and what their role in the fight is. The droplist is as follows:

Explosive Conflict: Storymode
Toth and Zorn: Rakata Bracer, Rakata Implant, Rakata Chest
Stormcaller and Firebrand: Rakata Belt, Rakata Offhand, Rakata Boot
Colonel Vorgath: Rakata Legs, Rakata Gloves, Rakata Implant
Warload Kephess: Rakata Helmet, Rakata Mainhand, Random Black Hole gear or Campaign Relic

I would not recommend you to go into hardmode, I would rather say that TFB SM is a safer bet, both for getting to know more mechanics and learning to handle them. Also, you get more good crafting mats to help people get better gear, add that you get another weekly done meaning more blackhole commendation so ppl can buy blackhole gear.

Terror from Beyond: Storymode
The Withering Horror: Rakata bracers, Rakata Boots
Ciphas, Heirad, and Kelísara: Rakata Belt, Rakata Gloves
Operator IX: Rakata head, Rakata Legs
Kephess the Undying: Rakata Offland, Black Hole Piece
The TFB: Rakata Chest | Rakata Mainhand, Black Hole Piece

When your group can handle both EC SM and TFB SM and maybe have a little gear (if you can be overgeared, always do it) I would say you can make some tries at EC Hardmode. Then your group should have full rakata with a few blackhole parts here and there, and it will be much more simple to learn the tactics since you will be slightly overgeared.

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