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I, too, played a DK tank in WoW and now play a Inq tank in SWTOR, and from what I can tell, there are some basic truths. The best way I can see how to explain the difference between the two style is that the SWTOR DPS should act like an "off tank" in a riad. The main tank in a WoW raid *usually* tanks the boss, and the off-tank (or secondary tank) will sort out any adds, with DPS being applied to necessary targets as laid out by the main tank.

DPS in SWTOR simply take on that role and sort out any problematic mobs to protect the healer from drawing too much aggro, that's all.

I remember playing my first FP as a Merc, and that's what I did. I asked the tank what he wanted, and he said to hold the adds to prect the healer. Easy, I though - the role of an off-tank.

But that's just from my own perspective as a long-time WoW player coming to SWTOR.

I think it comes down to communication and not wanting to rush through like some feral coked-out monkey with ADHD. A little fire discipline and communication go a long way.
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