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It has indeed, and every time you jump in there with that suggestions. I agree with it, but this thread was asking for our opinions on loot etiquette - not complaining about ninjas nor trying to figure out a way to get rid of them, so leave that debate to one of the other thousand threads for it.
My point in writing that is to remind Bioware to read up on what the community writes here on their forum. So far we have heard nothing, not even a slightest comment regarding this.

My posts are always within what is discussed in the topic eventhough I might challenge the thought sometimes, but that is only an old habit since I teach at a university.

I can tell you what, they day Bioware comments on the lootproblem and how to change it in a constructive way I will stop refer to the thousands of posts the community has made that Bioware seems to be ignoring to read.

Now lets continue discussing this thread