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02.11.2013 , 01:01 AM | #335
Dear Jesse,

So we finally have in game the idea of NPC factions and reputations. It is not clear from the text whether there will be any changes in attitude from a particular NPC depending on my standing with it's faction. I mean - if my reputation with Imperial Guard on Belsavis is of a Legend - will imp guard turrets stop killing my Republic character? Probably not. Maybe, only the ones around bases on Belsavis? Something tells me no, no way.

Then there comes the natural question of losing reputation. If i do missions for the Republic will my Imperial reputation suffer? Nah, probably not. If my hands are awash in imp npc blood will Imperial Guard on Belsavis still list me as a Hero? Looks like the answer is yes. Hm.

OK, suppose I spent my whole time farming Republic reputation killing Imperial npc's and killing Imperial players in pvp and I've never done missions for the Empire. Will I still have Outsider status for the Imperial forces? Looks like yes. Well that's weird, guys. Just remember that Master Jun Seros had my Bounty Hunter blacklisted across the galaxy for way less serious crimes.

So here is the first point. Reputation should have the option of sinking into the negative too. A player's actions aimed at increasing his reputation with one faction should lower reputation(s) with at least one other faction. And it should be either extremely difficult or impossible to achieve excellent reputation with all factions simultaneously.

OK, suppose I am a legend of the Republic Fifth Assault Battalion. What do I get for that? Access to a new measly vendor? Bummer, guys, this idea failed in the LS-DS model, why would you care to repeat it? If I am a Sith Warrior, pure Light Side and a legend of the Republic forces I should perhaps have the option to use Republic stations and taxis and visit Coruscant, not just trade with some droid in section X.

Well, you've got it, my second point is that earning a reputation should perhaps have more outcome than just the option to get some new gear. Here I would have told you stuff about switching factions for characters but... Well I understand this is not exactly what this game is about.

Still the mere introduction of reputation could be a major step towards player-generated content, if you expand the feature right. Otherwise it will just become a new useless grind point.