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I Would say the favorite has to be the Smuggler ship just gives you that star wars feel of being Han Solo, then IA ship (sleek and clean) just a awesome ship. Then i have to say Trooper ship i love the gunship feel, the sort of clone trooper gunship heavy duty landing craft thing, at least that's what i thought. Then i would say the jedi and sith are tied for me both offer their own unique perspectives the jedi just reminds me of episode 1, a peaceful, diplomatic ship. Whereas the sith ship is a dominate, destroyer. Each fit there roles perfectly. The bounty hunters would not be my favorite but still i enjoy it. I believe it does represent the bounty hunter well a prison and all rugged, and the obvious resembles to the slave 1. All in all i thought bioware did a excellent job with the ships, Well done bioware!
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